La Maison d’Été

La Maison d’Été

Brigitte BaranèsBrigitte Baranès

A house set on an unspoilt beach basking in the shade cast by casuarinas The shoals’ foam running aground upon the coral reefs… the Ocean tracing the only horizon


Then appears a day when dreams come true… After a long journey, through seas and oceans, I found the Maison d’Été. Mere chance or destiny ? There it was, that house I always dreamt of, my “campement” over the lagoon, as we say in Mauritius


Since one year, the Maison d’Été is my mooring, my home port where day after day, I forge everlasting links with this island to none alike. Its generous nature, its villages with names so poetic, the smiles Mauritians throw Carry me away all the time.


Their legendary friendliness, their Art of living, the different cultures’ mélange which reflects in their graceful way of life, take me along to the four corners of paradise, just as I figured it out since my earliest childhood. Let’s live our dreams and dream our life…


Bliss lived out at La Maison d’Été !

Brigitte Baranès






There are dreams made
some days…